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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 12, 2014 6:00pm-6:28pm EDT

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out and sitting on top of the car. i am so glad they came. >> wow, flood waters washed the car away shortly after the rescue. authorities hope this serves as a reminder to you to turn around when you come across a flooded road. thanks for joining us. >> get ready for round two because more showers and storms could be headed our way tonight impacting the evening commute. top what's showing up on dew point? >> we have big thunderstorms to the west. this is line two. we have a severe thunderstorm warning out for this storm. you see the green. those are flash flood warnings at this moment of time. there is a lot of flooding going on. earlier today we had video from fort washington. as you grow up and live around the metro area you have to know the hot spots for flooding. beach drive is one of them. also there is a lot of flooding on bradley boulevard around seven locks. you kind of try to know that if you know you have had a lot of rain and are trying to get work
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or school. we are looking at heavy rain that will not leave around shady side. please do not cross a flooded street there. we have reports of flooding in most of anne arundel county. these are pop up storms moving to the north and east ahead of the warm front and this is newly issued severe thunderstorm warning until 6:30. this could have winds to 60 miles per hour and small hail. get ready in woodstock and also in ed inberg as it moves east. we will come back but i want to track this one storm moving through yorkshire and eventually toward german town across 66. if you are going on down 66 get ready for heavy downpours. we'll come back and talk about round two and what it means for your morning commute tomorrow. >> thank you. today in the mcdonnell corruption child a doctor testified that johnny williams tried to impress him by introducing him to movie mogul
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steven spielberg. >> the former governor and his wife were accused of taking money and extravagant gifts in exchange for promoting his company's products. we hear there g;was a change in the jury, peg? >> reporter: that's right. we started this trial with three alternate jurors. today we have two alternates because one of them had to move to the jury. it all started with a closed door meeting in judge's chambers and bob mcdonnell acting very strange. >> governor your mood changed a little bit today. >> you know i can't aboutalk the case. >> are you okay? you looked upset. >> i am doing fine. >> reporter: mcdonnell looked visibly upset with his back to the entire courtroom and the judge announced a juror was dismissed giving no explanation. >> trials are ups and downs. i have been a trial lawyer for 25 years, usually been at counsel table.
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there are ups and downs at trials. i know the truth, and we're going to be fine. >> virginia state police agent charles hagen was on the stand discussing his interview with maureen medicaid. he said she told him there was a written loan agreement with johnny williams when there wasn't. >> to sit back and say it's not concerning, i would be lying. there is dear friend up there that is on trial and what i am hearing is quite concerning. as i said i just want to get what i have to do over with. >> reporter: virginia beach mayor and president of town bank william sesum was called to testify about loan application medicaids filed -- mcdonnells filed. prosecution says they failed to include the $120,000 in loans from johnny williams. >> let me go to my car. >> his brother testified he did a lot of work on the private home because johnny asked him
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to. johnny paid for the work but also said mrs. mcdonnell offered to pay several times. remember those oscar de laurento dresses johnny bought for maureen mcdonnell? she put them in a box and gave it to donnie williams asking him to return it to johnny williams. this is after she was interviewed and investigation began about all the gifts. she had a note in the box that thanked johnny williams for letting her borrow the dresses. that note is why she's charged with obstruction. we are back tomorrow with mayor sesums from virginia beach being cross examined by the defense. >> thank you. the virginia man behind robin williams' oscar nominated role in good morning vietnam says the star was always on and he suspects that that was his way of hiding that inner
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torment. talked with adrian from his new home. >> good morning vietnam! >> adrian crowner was the real one behind the movie. he says he never dreamed robin williams would take his life. >> i was gob smacked. >> for years he's offered this insight. >> he is really a very shy bashful introverted person, yeah, and he does all these routines and imitations to build a wall around himself so you can never get through to hurt the real robin. >> he would just launch into this stick. >> we've got a classic report. how is it going? >> it is not going exactly well. there is water buffalo. it is not a pretty picture. >> the only time i have went and seen that facade even let
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down a little bit was when he was playing with his little kid. in 1965 crowner was sent do the impossible. >> crowner says he pitched script as a cross between mash and wkrp in cincinnati. >> let's play this backwards and see if it gets better. >> ready as the devil. >> it was break through. >> the first film that really began to show americans as they really were instead of murderers and rapists and baby killers. >> they were ordinary people. >> now we know williams was just an ordinary person too. >> where are you from? >> cleveland. >> obviously vietnam is not much of a change. >> struggling with extraordinary demons. >> i won't forget you. >> wusa9. >> crowner says if he had done half the things robin williams did in the movie he would still
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be in a military prison in lebron. to a follow up of grave injustice we brought you in may. we introduced you to a couple of brave women fighting to get the estimated 400,000 backlogged rape kits in the country tested. >> we have good news in the form of justice for more than two dozen victims of the horrifying life altering tragedy. >> i thought i was going to die. >> natasha was brutally raped when she was 20. her rapist ran free for nine years because the one thing that could put him away, her rape kit, sat untested on nypd property room shelf. >> for myself i went from being a survivor to an advocate. >> she created natasha's justice project with the goal of getting every untested kit tested and every rapist behind
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bars. in an unprecedented partnership she worked with the district attorney to help we had al away at the almost 2000 strong rape kit back logs. wusa9 was there when the first 100 plus arrived in horton virginia representing 100 plus victims. today those results were announced. >> of the kits tested 52% were able to identify a unique dna profile. but of those 52 profiles uploaded within 72 hours of uploading we already received 27 hits. >> we were thrilled to hear there were hits. >> while the 27 stories of jist advertise unfold on the other side of the country know that the rapists are getting off the streets don't stay neatly behind state crimes while committing the heinous crimes. in detroit when they tested
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1600 of the 11,000 they ided 100 rapists who committed crimes in other states and the district of columbia. >> we know that's typically the key. recidivism rate for rape is so high that of course there were going to be hits and we were going to be finding out that there were some bad guys that now could be put behind bars and some survivors that could get the justice they have been waiting for for so long and also that that community is going to be a safer place. >> you might wonder why do the kits go untested? it's a case of money often times. each kit can cost up to $1500 to test. they hope to create a blueprint for other jurisdictions to emulate. we are under a yellow alert now but brighter days are ahead. topper is going to tell us when and what we need to watch for
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tonight. >> first coming up next in 90 seconds. >> keeping your family safe at hotel swimming pools. i am andrea mccarren. after reading thousands of pages of inspection reports we'll show you some of
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hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. only on 9 tonight keeping your family safe at home or when you are on the road. we are talking about swimming pool safety. you may be surprised to learn what we uncovered. >> andrea mccarren looks at
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hotel pool inspection reports right here in d.c. >> using freedom of information act we obtained thousands of pages of inspection reports for all the swimming pools in d.c. and many suburbs. you may be surprised what doesn't pass code and what does. surprisingly, it's not a code violation in d.c. but again and again d.c. department of health inspectors noted that emergency phones located pool side could not dial 911. instead, they're routed directly to the front desk. >> that is allowable per the d.c. pool code. >> the emergency phone lines were simply dead, no al tone at all, at the fairfield inn and suites on new york avenue and at the washington courtyard by marriott on connecticut avenue. that marriott inspection also revealed handicapped accessible chair that wasn't working, floating debris, a loose railing. >> if the railing is loose you
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might lose your balance and hit your head on the side of the pool or fall. >> inspectors found even swimming pools that appeared to have safety equipment were in violation. we'll tell you all about what they found tonight at 11:00. >> it is so surprising that the phones at the pool go to the front desk. if there is an emergency every second counts as we know. >> exactly. we were really surprised to find that. again, that is not a code violation. >> are they required to have life guards? >> that was one of the first questions i had, not at a hotel pool less than six feet deep but they have to have a plan to protect children. >> in what ways are hotel pools unique in terms of potential dangers? >> you hit the nail on the head. think about an emergency at the pool like a drain entrapment. you need to shut off the pump immediately. in most hotels it is in an equipment room that's locked. there is no life guard.
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you have to call or run to the front desk. they have to find the maintenance person or the key to unlock the pump room and as jan mentioned critical seconds or minutes could be lost. >> wow! >> you will never look at hotels the same way when you bring children. >> so true. thank you andrea. >> you bet. this yellow alert ladies has been an all day affair. it looks like it could run into the night. topper is next with the when and the where $vb [ shelly ] as a graduate of devry university
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that line of storms we have been tracking, we now have a tornado warning in effect south of woodstock. we'll kind of detail this for you. we are looking at the possibility of small tornado, certainly gusty winds up to 60 or 70 miles per hour and also more unlikely some hail. it is just south of woodstock now. a tornado warning until 6:45. a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:30. it's the same tomorrow that prompted the severe thunderstorm warning but this is the tornado warning. i want you tofriends in
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chenandoa valley. it has some hail, perhaps an inch or quarter size in diameter. we'll take the shear off and go back to hail size. we see a little bit of hail around woodstock, nothing crazy heavy, but along i-81 it is tough going right now along i- 81. maybe half inch size hail. the rainfall rates, that's a problem, 2.74 inches of rain. be advised if nothing else you will see gusty winds and also some flash flooding. we say it all over again and we will keep saying until people stop driving through, do not cross a flooded street by car or by foot. it isnot worth it. we'll zoom in a little bit more. there is a little bit of lightning showing up now. this is the east side of i-81 around 340. you can see that in woodstock you are probably okay except for heavy rain. i am not so concerned about tornado problems for you lkline
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developing along i-81. they have been tracking it since about 3:00 this afternoon. we saw the second line develop. i was tweeting that out and by golly here we go. i will put the last image up and we will continue on 9.3 or on our website we'll keep going. we have a tornado warning until 6:45 as this storm moves east at 20 to 25 miles per hour. we'll be here online in just a couple minutes. backo you. >> all right top, you will stay on it. we will stay on it. we'll keep you posted. tweet us your pictures tonight. we may put them on the air. >> we'll see you tonight for your only local news at 7:00. be safe.


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